Sep 092011

You would be forgiven for thinking that experts never do the boring beginners stuff. Surely, the football player getting paid X fantazillion gold dubloons a week (yes it is a figure so large it is measured by the week), surely he with all that skill and money, does not practise passing? Or ball receiving? But he does – in fact that is why he is an expert.

We are all in different places on our way to glory, stardom and general PHP-related insight – but what we have in common on this path could be that we have to keep practising the fundamentals. It is never a bad idea to re-read that man page, or to get more background information on things you already know. Since last time you visited that man page, you have learned new stuff which will give you more insight or a different perspective this time around. Often I find I have misunderstood some concepts, and repetition helps correcting a point of view about to go askew.

Here is a small example to get you started: did you know break[1] accepts parameters? Neither did I. Think about it. Why would you even look up break, you have used break hundreds of times before, you know how it works and when you should use it. In fact it is so basic you would think it does not have much of an entry – a quick lookup from vim in the PHP-docs [2] though – and tada – there it is. White on black: break accepts an optional parameter to break out of zero, one or more loop-flavour or switch. You know you will be needing it shortly.

Like that football player spending a late practise shooting at the goal, so should we practise our  fundamentals. I’m passing this on to bjori next month – he’ll give you one of his to ponder.

[2] You can have unix man pages for PHP functions integrated in Vim – so you don’t even have to waste bandwidth. Awesome.

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