Feb 072011

The Bug Genie version 3.0 released

Last week, The Bug Genie 3.0 was released, together with an updated website.

The Bug Genie is a PHP-based issue tracker and project management tool in development since 2002. Version 3.0 is based on PHP 5.3 and has been in development since late 2009.

Visit http://www.thebuggenie.com for more information!


Jan 242011

The PHP competence group is proud to announce that our company Redpill Linpro will be Gold Sponsors of this year’s Symfony Live conference in Paris. We have instigated this sponsoring as we are, and have been, proud users of the framework for our customers for years. Pages we have created with symfony include everything from media based and content driven applications, to membership systems, and even SMS-handling. This is one of our ways of contributing back to a great OSS PHP project.

We are in the planning phase as of now, and have not yet decided what we should do to get attention at the conference, but there will definitely be booth-boys, give-aways and probably a competition. Do you have any booth attraction top tips for us?

Do not forget to check out our main Symfony contributor’s post about the sponsoring on his own blog.